Considering investments in real estate?

Stewardship can help with the acquisition and construction financing with low cost, speed, and a streamlined process.

Private Financing

Our private money offerings are designed to make real estate investment endeavors easier. We have extensive experience of financing in trustee sales, fix and flips, rental homes, bridge loans, 1031 exchanges, foreclosure purchases, and short sale transactions.

Every dollar counts when investing in real estate. That is why we have created our hard money loans with one low fee. The cost is a flat fee and not a percentage of the loan amount. Just one fee. No points and no other loan or lender fees.

In addition to low costs, our privately financed investor loans can fund within one business day. We do this to ensure you can negotiate the best deals on your investment property purchases and purchase foreclosures at a trustee sale.

Getting an investment loan closed with the least amount of paperwork possible is important when creating a good investor loan experience. Here are the items we need to close a loan:
– Loan Application – can be done online or over the phone
– Evidence of Insurance
– Preliminary Title Report – from the title company of your choosing
– Credit Report – we pull this at the time of application. NOTE – there are no credit score requirements for these loans.
– Articles of Incorporation and Signing Authority for Entity – this is only needed if you are obtaining the loan in the name of a business.

That’s it! Once we have those documents we can proceed.

Each of these loans has an interest only repayment with payments due on the 1st of the month. Rates on these loans are higher than traditional conventional loans. To see what a rate may be on an investment project you are working on – contact us today.

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